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  • We provide Norstar (Nortel Networks Phone Systems
  • We dealing in all types of Nortel Networks Accessories, Circuit Cards, Control Units ,Expansion Module, Headsets, Telephones and Voicemail

Norstar StarTalk Flash User Guide

If you are away from the office. Call the office,when the auto attendant
answers PRESS * * enter your mailbox number and your password then # .
If your at you desk enter FEATURE 981
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Open your mailbox:


Listen to your new messages


Listen to your saved messages


   replay the message

 1 1

   replay 9 seconds




   forward 9 seconds


   skip to the end

 3 3

   play previous message


   forward a copy


   skip to the next message


   play envelope information


   save a message

 7 7

   erase the message


   reply to message


   volume control


Change Your Mailbox Options

Open your mailbox:


Mailbox Options:


   record name in Directory


   change personal greetings


   change your password


   access Message Notification


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